Django 1.9 released

Last week was the release of Django version 1.9. It’s a very popular and open source web framework that is written in Python. Django is widely spread in the internet and big platforms like Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest are using the framework. Ansible Tower is also based on the python web framework.

Django 1.9 Features

Here are some features of the new release:

  • It’s now possible to define a hook that calls an action after a database commit.
  • Passwords can be validated to prevent the usage of weak passwords. There are four validators available:
    • define a minimum password length
    • compare the password with the user attributes
    • prevent the usage of popular passwords
    • disable numeric-only passwords
  • Tests can now be executed in parallel and every test gets its own database.

There are also other innovations like the permissions of class-based views and a new styling of contrib.admin.

For the whole list and more informations check out the Django release page.


  • text twist 2 Reply

    Tests can now be executed in parallel and every test gets its own database…

  • Play vex 3 Reply

    Start of Lost was so good and ending was awful, just like in GoT, LOL.

  • World of solitaire Reply

    People mind your own business, none of us can say for sure who was right in this situation.

  • Jerom Reply

    I love django

  • Website Reply

    I don’t know why I cannot use context pass my template

  • cherry u Reply

    I love django! I mean who doesn’t?

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