Hi there!

Some people have asked us what this blog is about, and why we’re spending time writing all these blog posts. Well, we started it based on a few factors:

Childhood & Technology

We all have great childhood memories. Call us old-fashioned, but when we grew up we didn’t had fancy smartphones, tablets and 24h of internet connectivity. We had Walkman’s, cassettes and pencils to rewind those cassettes. We also had that crappy thing called dial-up modem, and compared to internet connectivity nowadays, this was something in between a nightmare and an adventure (especially when our parents got the internet invoice on the end of the month). Getting online back then was a privilege and we loved it.

We all experienced the boost and acceptance of the mainstream internet and we immediately fell in love with all of it. Fortunately our parents gave us the opportunity to work with technology, which was a cornerstone for all of us.

Thanks to our parents, the technology and the internet, we had the opportunity to get into the IT business. Today, we’re just a bunch of guys working together in the IT business – and we love it.

The Internet

As mentioned before, the internet played an important role in our childhood. However, that never stopped and it became more important for us when the focus shifted from entertainment to research. We really appreciate all these freely available informations out there. It is truly how many people spend so much time bringing all those informations together, and we profit from it every day.

Therefore we thought that we want to be part of this great community. We want to give something back to the community, to the users, to you. This is our way to say “Thank you” to the community – to you.

Our Core Business

A big piece of our core business is providing consulting to our customers, so we need to keep ourselves constantly up-to-date. Our customer base rely on our know-how and it’s our main goal to keep our customers happy and well informed.

Of course, we can’t do that without all the informations and open-source tools available in the internet. Most of our knowledge started with researching informations in the internet. When time goes by, we’re getting more experienced and we might gain important knowledge about specific topics. While our customers profit from it, the internet won’t. Some of the users in the internet might looking for exactly that knowledge to solve a problem.

With that thought in mind, we decided that we want to return our knowledge and experience to the internet hoping that someone out there can profit from it as well.

Long story, short

We profit from the internet everyday and we want to give something back. We’re not perfect, but we try our best 😉

The lads of confirm IT solutions