Hi there!

Some people have asked us what this blog is about and why we’re spending time writing all these blog posts.

We all had a great childhood as we grew up with technology and the availability of informations on the Internet. In our past, we started to get interested in all kind of technology related topics. So eventually, today, we’re all working together in the IT business, sometimes in small environments and sometimes in these huge enterprise environments.

A big piece of our core business is providing consulting to our customers, so we need to keep ourselves constantly up-to-date. Our customer base rely on our know-how and it is our main goal to keep our customers happy. Of course, our know-how is based on long-term experience, but to be honest, a big chunk of this knowledge wasn’t just provided by trainings, or by gaining experience over time. A lot of the informations we’re using today was already there. It is the Internet that provides us a lot of important informations. But if you look closer, it’s not just the Internet, it’s also the awesome community behind it. All these bits and bytes were written by you or any other user out there.

We really appreciate all these freely available informations and we profit from it every day. So we thought, we want to be part of this great community. We want to give something back to the community, to the users. So with this thought in mind, this blog was born!

Basically, we’re a bunch of guys working in different IT environments who want to give something back to other users. So this is not about us, it’s about the community and something we want to give in return.

Pascal, Thomas, and Domi