Docker Pull Deprecation for v1.5 clients

A while ago, Docker announced that Docker pull requests from version 1.5 and earlier clients will no longer function as of December 15. While push requests have been disabled since Nov 19, pull requests were disabled for the Docker Hub today as well.

Version check

To check your Docker client version just run:

If you’re on 1.5 or earlier you should really upgrade your Docker installation.


Docker provided a lot of informations how to install and upgrade Docker.

If you’re running Debian 8 (Jessie), we recommend you use the origin Docker engine instead of Debian’s official version. Currently Debian 8 (Jessie) provides only Docker 1.6:

To install the origin Docker engine have a look at the official docs or just use our Ansible tasks:

We’ve set some Role Dependencies to meet all requirements, but you just have to make sure you’ve installed the following packages as well:

  • python-pip for Python’s package manager (used to install  docker-compose)
  • apt-transport-https for apt’s HTTPS implementation

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