Ansible Training

As the official Ansible partner in Switzerland, we’re happy to announce our Ansible Training.



If you’re interested in an Ansible training, send us an e-mail or call us.
You can find our contact details on the bottom of our website.

The training is held in swiss-german and german.
However don’t hesitate to ping us, if you’re looking for an english speaking teacher.


This training is a workshop and all participants should at least know Linux basics and how to work on a shell. Please note you won’t get a lot of training material like in a classic course, but you’ll build your own git repository with all the workshop topics.

For off-premises workshops the whole infrastructure is provided, client PCs included. Though feel free to bring your own device – Linux, Mac OS X and Windows clients are welcome.

Off-premises trainings

Together with our partner OpenEduction we provide off-premises trainings in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.
The costs for 3 days are CHF 2700 / participant and the training is limited to 6 participants.

On-premises trainings

Please contact us if you’re interested in trainings on your premises.
We’re happy to send you an offer.

Training Blocks

Day 1: Basics and Introduction

On Day 1 we want to introduce you to all the required technologies you’ll see when you manage your environment with Ansible. It starts with all the basics, so no rocket science here.

  • Introduction into git
    • What is git?
    • Setup a git repository for the training.
    • Dig into git and play around.
  • Introduction into Ansible
    • What is Ansible?
    • Where to start with Ansible?
    • Setup Ansible Core.
  • Configure Ansible
    • Configure Ansible Core.
    • Configure a static inventory.
  • Ansible Commands
    • Run Ansible ad-hoc commands.
    • Read the documentation.
  • Roles and playbooks
    • YAML is your friend.
    • Create the first role.
    • Create and run the first playbook.
  • Variables
    • Variable definitions and their scope.
    • Prompting for variables.
    • Introduction into Jinja 2.
    • Benefits of templates.
  • Dependencies
    • Project Role Dependencies.
    • Ansible Galaxy.
    • Download / installation of additional roles.

Day 2: Ansible in an enterprise environment

On day 2 we’ll show you how to setup your Ansible environment for an enterprise environment, and what you’ve to keep in mind for a successful implementation. We’ll do that by deploying a simple multitier application into different environments.

  • Inventory
    • Host groups.
    • Naming of host groups and structure of the inventory.
    • Dynamic inventory sources.
  • Multitier architecture
    • Setting variables for tiers.
    • Add new servers for scale out.
  • Multiple environments
    • Pushing applications from test to production.
    • Settings variables for environments.
    • Using separate inventories.
  • Lifecycle of an application
    • Updating applications.
    • Rolling updates.
    • Rollbacks of application releases.

Day 3: Challenges in enterprise environments

Day 3 is about challenges in enterprise environments. While Ansible is a really simple tool, the requirements and processes of enterprise environments can be challenging sometimes.

IMPORTANT: We can’t deep dive into each topic, so we’ll focus more on the topics you’re interested in that day.

  • Informations
    • Where do I find the documentation for Ansible?
    • Where can I find additional informations and other Ansible users?
    • Are there official support plans available for Ansible?
  • Introduce Ansible in your company
    • To whom should I talk to when I want introduce Ansible?
    • How do I sell Ansible to my colleagues?
  • Best practices
    • Introduction into the best practices of Ansible.
    • Important things you should keep in mind when you start working with Ansible.
  • Securing Ansible Core
    • Communication with managed machines.
    • Storing of sensitive data.
  • Deploying SSH keys
    • Deploying SSH keys via Ansible.
    • Deploying SSH keys via package manager (e.g. yum/rpm, apt/dpkg).
    • Deploying SSH keys via RedHat Satellite.
  • Source Control Management
    • When should I choose git over svn/cvs?
    • Are the private hosted alternatives to github?
    • How do I implement my administrative IT processes into git?
  • Ansible modules and plugins
    • What’s the difference between an Ansible module and a plugin?
    • Where can I find new modules and plugins?
    • How do I write modules and plugins?
  • Ansible Tower
    • Introduction into the Ansible Tower.
    • Demonstration of the Portal mode and surveys.
  • Ansible Release
    • How should we update Ansible
  • Ansible + Docker
    • Introduction into Ansible + Docker.


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