Speeding up OpenSSH sessions with multiplexing

When you’re about to establish an SSH connection to a new host, it usually takes a few seconds before the session is loaded. If you open multiple SSH sessions to the same host, the overhead starts to sum up and you’re waiting for the connection. This might not be a big issue for normal/manual use, […]

Running commands after reboot via cron

Did you ever had to execute a command as soon as the server has rebooted? Of course you can use traditional methods like SysV init scripts, or systemd service units, but this will only work if you’ve root access to the host in question.

Alternative Django admin interfaces

Are you using Django (the web framework) and you’re afraid of the default Django admin interface? Then there are a bunch of alternatives out there. If you don’t use it, but you’re looking for a great web framework, you should have a look at the “Getting started with Django” tutorial. Django has a built in admin […]

Using PPPoE on Linux

When it comes to internet connectivity in Switzerland, you might stumble across ADSL or VDSL. Most of the time you’ll end up with a router provided by the provider, which is already pre-configured with the connection information. This setup might work for the majority of users, but if you’re a pro-user or enterprise with special needs, […]