confirm meets Ansible – London Trip

Last week, we were on a business trip in London. The main reason was to meet up with Mark Phillips. You might know him from Ansible Inc. or his blog Probably, where he’s writing all that stuff about Ansible, devops and other interesting topics.
We are excited and really looking forward to team up with the nice guys of Ansible and especially now, that we’re the official Ansible partner in Switzerland. Ansible was kind enough to put our logo on their Ansible Partner Site.


While we were crossing London, we made intense use of the tube. London recently enabled their card readers for PayPass credit cards, which means you no longer have to buy or top up your Oyster card. We really liked the tube and thought there’s no better alternative for traveling until we gave the Uber service a chance. Gosh this service is amazing. You hit the button and a couple of minutes later you’re already sitting in an E-Class and talking to your personal driver. They always did a decent job and dropped us on the right spot for a really fair price.

We’ve visited some tourist spots a like Big Ben, London Eye and a couple of nice parks. In London are also a lot of nice places to eat. Cause we’re not well know as vegan guys, we checked out some steak houses.

  • At the JW Steakhouse, Thomas was going for an huge porterhouse steak (900g / 32oz). According the menu card, they’ve the best cheesecake on the other side of the pond.
  • If you’re going to The Hawksmoor, you’ve to order the Tamworth Belly Ribs as a starter. They’re frickin’ delicious! Domi and Pascal had to order two of them.

That sounds like a lot of fun, but now and then we also did a lot brainstorming for future plans. We can’t give you any details yet, but stay tuned!!! We’ll keep you posted on this blog, so please come back soon.

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